Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dash to St George Utah

Saturday was suppose to be a slow day and get some taaks done around the house but things changed with a family member admitted to the hospital in St George Utah. The drive was going to be a quick dash up and back but also since I took my camera I figured I capture a scene or two if anything looked interesting.
I made some quick stops along the route first in Littlefield Az. The view was nice and colorful so I took enough photos to create this panarama view of the Virgin river.

After leaving Littlefield I headed north into the Gorge the speed limt varys but rarely tops 65 mph in the gorge during day light hours traffic seems to increase so I stay around the speedlimit.

The rest of the trip was quick through the Gorge or Ar. strip and into St George where I went to the latest Dixie Hospital. With friendly staff and even a swell cafe for those having to be there to visit or be a patient. It was a change from the hospitals in the Las Vegas area.

I did not plan on staying long but one converation lead to another and it was near midnight Utah time when I finally departed. I took a quick shot of the hospital

Then off to find something to eat pickings were slim in Utah so I drove back through the Gorge and into Mesquite where the Virgin River Casino had a great breakfast special then on towards home.

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